What is Knowledge Management?

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is the process of continuously creating, updating & making available knowledge for the effective use of everybody in the organization to achieve business objectives in an efficient manner.

Knowledge starts as data and transforms into wisdom.

Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom

Data is nothing but information. Raw data are unrelated pieces of information. They do not have a meaningful relationship between them.

But when there is some kind of meaningful relationship between pieces of data – we have information.

Information makes use of the meaningful relationship between data and becomes Knowledge. In order for you to have knowledge, you should know what exists somewhere and what would happen, if you did something.

Knowledge becomes Wisdom when you are able to use it to do something specific in order to achieve a specific goal. In other words, wisdom is knowing what needs to be done, in order to achieve an objective.

Here’s a simple example:

Data: Flower-vase, table.

Information: The flower-vase on the table is made of glass.

Knowledge: If i drop the glass flower-vase from the table, it will break.

Wisdom: If I want to break the flower-vase, i need to push it off the table or drop it on the floor.

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