Laptop or Desktop?

Well, it depends. Ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of person are you and what are your needs?
– are you one of those people who go to work all day and just want a computer to check your email, chat up with your friends and relatives or watch a movie or play a game – then go for a desktop PC.

If you are a professional, businessman or a studentgo for a laptop. You might have to carry critical data with you and at the same time, be accessible to other people as well. You might have work to catch up on your way to your office or University.

In general, desktops are cheaper and more powerful. It is fairly less expensive to upgrade a desktop PC than a laptop. But desktops are not one of those gadgets which you can carry around with you to Café Day and finish your presentations while you are having your coffee and chatting with your friends!

In contrast, laptops of today are equally powerful and they are portable. But then, they are not as “rugged” as desktops. There is always this risk of damage – for example, you might drop it or you might lose it. In spite of all that, it’s good to have a laptop because if you are one of those people working on business critical applications, you cannot afford to lose data in case of a power failure. With a laptop, you don’t have to worry about that. But remember laptops are expensive.

Even if you decide to go in for a laptop, make sure you buy a reputed brand and before you buy it, check out the after sales services offered by the manufacturer.

Always chose a vendor who offers you a good product at cheaper prices as well as good service after sales.