How to make money from your website?

If you own a website or if you are planning to start a website, you can also let it earn you some money by displaying advertisements of other companies. You get paid a certain sum of money, each time somebody clicks on the ads that are displaying on your website. You can monitor how much money you are making any time. There are many companies which offer you the option of displaying their advertisements on your website but Google Adsense is by far the most popular today. Of course, Google is not the only company into this business – there are many more. I’ll tell you about it, read on.

Google Adsense: Google’s program to display advertisements on your website is called Google Adsense. The signing up process is fairly easy and quick. And most importantly, it’s free. You can sign up for Google Adsense from here . Once you send in your application, you might have to wait for a couple of days before you have your request approved. Once, approved, you will be able to place a small bit of code into all the pages where you want their advertisements to be displayed and the advertisements will starts showing up almost instantly. You can customize the way the advertisements are displayed on your website. You can also add a Google Custom Search box to your website. When a visitor to your website searches your website for anything, you can have the results show up in a page within your website which will also show related ads. So, you stand a better chance of making more money. You can create a Customized Google Search Engine for your website from here

There are terms like CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) – you will need to familiarize yourself with these terms if you are planning to participate in Google Adsense or any other similar program. You can get more information about all these terms from here .

Google Adsense does not look at the size of your website or the number of visitors who visit your website every day (as some other companies do). All they need is original content and NOT something that is copied from any other site. And hey, don’t think you can make some easy money by clicking on the ads that are displaying on your own website. They do a good bit of tracking and your account will get terminated without warning if you do something like that!

Okay, that’s about the good part. Now the not-so-good part about Google Adsense is that submitting an application does not necessarily mean it will be approved. They don’t give you any reason for rejecting an application. And it’s next to impossible to contact a human being who you can actually talk to. They expect you to go through their help forums which can be time consuming and frustrating for a new comer. But it could worth spending some time to get yourself familiar with their policies.

The information given below can be used with Google Adsense or as alternatives to Google Adsense – Please check their individual websites for more specific information.

Bidvertiser Ads: Bidvertiser is a great favorite among many people. They too display their customers’ ads on your website and you get paid whenever somebody clicks on any of these ads. They pay you as soon as your account reaches $10 and is open to people of all countries.

Infolinks & Kontera provide something called in-text advertising. As usual, you will need to put their code into all the pages where you want their ads to be displayed and once your account is activated, you will find random text on your website with double-underlines. If you hover your mouse-pointer over these double underlines, it gets activated and will display an advertisement. And you get paid whenever any of your visitors click on these advertisements.

Valuepopups: This Company displays popup advertisements to visitors who come to your website through search engines. You can check out more about them at their website .

Exit junction:
Another innovative way to “monetize” the exit traffic from your website. Their logic works this way – visitors who come to your website through search engines often hit the “Back” button on their browsers to get back. This company displays their advertisements to those people who visit your website through a search engine and leave using the “Back” button! Check out their website. In their own words Adbrite helps you to make money from your website by displaying ads that fits the “content and user-base” of your website. Really easy to sign up and as usual, you will have to wait for a day or two to have them review your application and approve your request. And once they approve your website, you will have to copy their code and place it in your website, as usual. Of course, you can customize the look and feel of the advertisements. Check out their website.

Sokule: You can check them out here – this is what they have to say – If you like to twitter, you are going to like them and make a lot of money too “without lifting a finger”! They have some paid options as well.

Chitika: They only display ads for US and Canadian Search-Engine Traffic. You can check out their website (interestingly, Chitika is a Telegu word which means “a snap of the fingers” – it’s supposed to indicate its quickness with which the customers can display the ads on their websites!) But somehow, I didn’t feel very comfortable with the way they have provided information. I really think they could have provided more information about how it works for the Publishers. But by all means, feel free to check them out.

Ebay Affiliate programs: You can also make money from your website by signing up for a Ebay Partner Network here – You need to register with them first and once approved, you will have to again install their code into your website and display their ads which will drive more visitors to e-bay or their partner sites.

Just in case you are confused: Folks who would like their products/services displayed on other people’s websites are called “Advertisers”. Those who display other people’s advertisements on their own websites are called “Publishers”.