Is it Important to Update a Computer Regularly?

Absolutely. Very often, we underestimate the importance of updating the Windows XP (or Vista) Operating system in our computers. But it is only when you have a fully updated Operating system can you expect your computer to work at its best. Of course, your computer can and will go on and on even without the updates. But you cannot expect your computer to be performing at its peak efficiency.

You will have to face frequent downtime, software errors and can even be exposed to many online threats.

In order to avoid that and make your computing experience a good one, remember to do the following:

1. Have a licensed version of Windows
2. Update your Windows Operating System regularly – you can actually let windows update itself automatically
3. What’s more, you can go about with your work even when your computer is busy updating itself.
4. Windows update is also a free service.

By updating your computer regularly, you can get the latest Microsoft software for your computer such as:

1. The latest security updates to protect your computer against Spyware and Malware and other unwanted software.
2. Updates that improve the functioning of your computer.
3. Upgrades to Windows features.
4. Latest device drivers from Microsoft partners

Also, you can rest assured that your personal data is safe. Microsoft does not collect any of your personal information.

You can go to the Windows update section from the Start menu -> Control Panel – >Security Center – > Automatic Updates.

It will look like this for Windows XP. On this screen, click on Automatic Updates:

Windows Updates - TechNation (India)

As you see in the image below, you have four options.

The best one to have turned on is the Automatic (Recommended) option. But you can choose any option you are comfortable with, depending on your style of working.

The bottom line is this: Remember to update your computer regularly.

Windows Updates - TechNation (India)