How to start your computer in Safe Mode?

Pretty simple, really ! When your computer does not start up normally, the next thing you can do is to check if it starts up in Safe Mode. This is a special mode in which your computer starts up with just a minimum set of drivers. Once your computer boots up in Safe Mode you can go to the Device Manager to check if anything in there is causing a problem or just go to the System Tools and do a System Restore. Or, if you had recently installed any new application, you can just uninstall it.

So then, this is what we should to start up a computer in Safe Mode:

  • As soon as you push the Power button in your computer to start it up, keep tapping the <F8> key on your keyboard.
  • This will take you to the Windows Advanced Menu Options.
  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard and select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with networking. (according to what you want) and then hit the <Enter> key. Wait for the computer to boot up in Safe Mode. (Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of “junk” scrolling across your screen. Just wait for the Safe Mode Desktop to appear !)

Once, in Safe Mode, do what you have to and when you are done, just restart the computer from the Start Button and let it start up normally.