Daily Activities of a Knowledge Manager

Top 10 day-to-day activities of a Knowledge Manager:

A typical day for a Knowledge Manager will consist of the following activities:

(these might vary from organization to organization or account to account. This is just a generalization.)

  1. Setup and implement a process to channel and manage knowledge.
  2. Keep the knowledgebase fully updated.
  3. Keep the team informed of any updates/changes.
  4. Interact with the local/onsite team members to extract any latent knowledge.
  5. Review team statistics on a daily basis – probe reasons for any shortfalls in performance.
  6. Interact with local/onsite stake holders to understand the process and ensure there is adequate and appropriate knowledge content for the same.
  7. Document all process-related information in a user-friendly manner.
  8. Provide training to the Trainer(s) / Team Lead(s) and/or agent(s) wherever necessary.
  9. Review the team performance and suggest ways to increase FCF/FCR scores and CSAT scores.
  10. Review the team performance and suggest ways to reduce use of onsite-dispatches. Referrals and dispatches will only cost more money to your organization.