How to Speed Up your slow Remote Desktop Connection?

How to optimize your slow Remote Desktop connection?

1. Start-up Remote Desktop Connection in your computer from Start -> All Programs -> Accessories->Remote Desktop Connection (or click on the start-button, select “Run” and type “mstsc” in the box and click on “OK”)

2. Click on the Options button and then click on the Experience Tab

3. Under “Choose your connection speed to Optimize performance” select a lower speed like “Modem -56kbps” or ” Broadband – 128kbps – 1.5mbps.”

Optimize slow remote desktop connection | TechNation (India)-The Free KB

(Note: As you increase or decrease the connection speed, Windows XP automatically allows or removes additional options, under “Allow the following” in the same window.)

You can also do one more thing to speed up your Remote Desktop connection:

1. Click on the Local Resources Tab of the Remote Desktop Connection window.
2. Under “Remote Computer Sound“, select “Do not play
3. Then, under Local Devices, select only those devices you would need, such as Disk Drives, Printers or Serial ports.

See image below:

Optimize slow remote desktop connection | TechNation (India)-The Free KB

4. Click on Connect.

You will now see an improvement in the speed of your Remote Desktop Connection!