Tips to clear a job interview

Here are a few tips that will help you to clear a job interview.

  • Study the topic and know your subject well. Research extensively.
  • Have a good understanding of the “job description” and “job requirements” for the position you are applying for.
  • Be clear about the role you will are applying for – do NOT say things like “I’m OK with any job…”etc.
  • Do NOT tell the interviewer about your personal and/or financial problems.  Project yourself as a “deserving” candidate for the job and not as a “needy” candidate.
  • Make sure to carry with you a hard-copy (printed copy) of your latest and most recently updated resume. Do NOT go to the interview without your resume and say things like “I forgot” or “I was traveling…” etc. Such statements only showcase your carelessness.
  • Do NOT go to the venue of the interview and ask for a sheet of paper to write down your resume. If you do not have time to properly print out your resume, ask for some more time or request for the interview to be rescheduled until you are properly prepared.
  • Go through your potential employer’s website and try to understand a little bit about the company’s business.
  • Remember this – if you take shortcuts to getting selected in the interview, your tenure in the new company will also be short. It won’t take long for people to figure out how much you know (or don’t)!
  • Be neatly dressed. Avoid funky attire. For men, it pays to have a shave before the interview.
  • Be patient when you are waiting for your turn for the interview. Remember, everyone is in a hurry and everyone has something important to do too.
  • Do not show your impatience or try to throw your weight around if there is some delay. It is very uncool.
  • When talking to your interviewer, speak with a clear voice and have direct eye-contact.