Disk in Destination Drive is Full

Error Message: Disk In Destination Drive is Full. Insert a new disk to continue.

Error message: The Disk in the destination drive is full. Insert a new disk to continue.

Unable to copy a file to your pen-drive? Getting an error message while copying a file to your pen-drive?

Have you ever tried to copy a large file (bigger than 4GB in size) from your computer to a pen-drive and got the above error? Well, I did and was surprised to get this error message. I thought at first, that it was a problem with my pen-drive itself and tried with another one – and got the same error! That was pretty frustrating because all I wanted to do was to copy a file to my pen-drive and here I was, getting only error messages! Time for some research.

It turns out that most of the time, we format our pen-drives in FAT32 file sytem without even realizing it.  Earlier, it was FAT16! Now, FAT16 can only take upto 2GB and FAT32 can take only upto 4GB in size. In other words – if you have a pen-drive formatted in FAT16 – you cannot copy a file that is larger than 2GB to it. Similarly, if you have a pen-drive formatted in FAT32 file system, you cannot copy to it a file which is larger than 4GB in size!

Solution: All you have to do to overcome this problem is to convert the file system in your pen-drive to NTFS.  First make sure your pen-drive is formatted in FAT32 file system. Then type the following command in the command window :

convert <drive letter>:/fs:ntfs

for example: convert x:/fs:ntfs

Problem solved!