Outbound Tech Sales – Process Flow Diagram

This chart depicts the process flow for Outbound “Tech Sales”. This is just the opposite of “Inbound Tech Support” where customers (or potential customers) call a number they find on the internet to fix a problem with their computer.

In the case of “Outbound Tech Sales” – the “tech sales” agents make “cold calls” to potential customers and try to convince them to buy their services. It cannot be denied that many (or most) of what these sales agents say in order to gain access to a potential customers customers computer is not entirely “straight-forward”. (We have discussed this in a separate article called “What is Remote Tech Support?”)

Once a customer has been convinced to buy their services, the sales agents process the payment online (using an online payment gateway) and then transfers the customer to a “technical support engineer” to fix the problem or to prevent what could have been a major disaster with your computer (as is how things are usually conveyed to the customer)!

Outbound Tech Sales Process | TechNation (India) - The Free KB

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