Knowledge Manager – Functional Roles

Knowledge Manager – Functional roles:

As a Knowledge Manager, you might either be aligned to a Transition team or you might be assigned to a transitioned account to look after the BAU (Business As Usual) activities of that account.

In the former role, you will have to deal extensively with On-site personnel and clients and ensure all the process related information is effectively transitioned from one location or company to another location or company. The Knowledge Manager in the transition team might also be responsible for transformation activities as well, which is nothing but a term used to describe making improvements to certain processes to enhance productivity.

There are different stages to it – but for the purpose of this brief overview, it would be out of context. But it would be a good idea to add that once an account has been transitioned from a different company or location to another, it is then handed over to the operations team, which will also have a dedicated Knowledge Manager to look after the BAU activities – this is the BAU Knowledge Manager. This person is responsible for managing knowledge effectively to ensure the smooth day to day functioning (BAU functioning) of the account he/she has been assigned to.