Anti-virus Removal Tools

Anti-virus Uninstaller Tools

Many times you will find that you are not able to uninstall an anti-virus application from your computer. Many people often freak out and immediately rush to the phone to call their “online tech support” company because they think their computer has been infected by some “very bad virus” which would not even allowing them to uninstall the anti-virus from their computer!

Some other people end up paying a few hundred dollars to one of these companies just to get rid of an old anti-virus program!

Did you know that this problem is often only caused by running multiple anti-virus applications in the same computer? That’s not all – most of these anti-virus programs often need special tools to remove them. Nothing we can do about it. That’s how they are built.

The next time you are faced with such a situation, relax and just used the tools provided in this article to get rid of the unwanted anti-virus application.

Remember this: ALWAYS remove one anti-virus program completely from your computer and restart it before installing another one. Also, you just need ONE anti-virus and ONE anti-spyware program to keep your computer working properly. Do NOT install multiple applications – they will only conflict with each other and crash your computer.

CA Antivirus
Comodo Internet Security
Cyber Defender Early Detection Center
Dr. Web  (This facility is for registered Dr. Web users only.)
FRISK F-PROT Antivirus for Windows
G Data
K7 Total Security
Norman Virus Control/Norman Security Suite
Norton (Symantec )
Pareto Logic
Trend Micro
Trend Micro Titanium
Vipre (Sunbelt Software)
Windows Live OneCare
Windows Security Essentials
Zone Alarm

Talking about uninstalling programs from your computer, here is one more utility you can use. It is called Revo Uninstaller and is very effective. You can download it from here. If you want to look up their website, click here.

Okay, having said so much about uninstalling applications from your computer, what would you do if you happened to accidentally delete something from your computer? Maybe you should take a look at this application – It is a product called Recuva from They say you can use this application to recover files from your computers, cameras and iPods!