How to configure an Active Directory Domain Controller?

Basic Requirements:

  • Server Operating System (Windows Server 2003) Disk
  • At least 1 Static IP Address
  • Network – at least 1 Client

Remember, A Domain Controller is nothing but a Windows Server 2003 computer which has Active Directory installed in it.

Click Start -> Run -> Type DCPROMO in the RUN Dialogue Box -> and Select the Option: Domain Controller for a New Domain

Leave the Default option (Domain in a New Forest) selected and click on Next. (You will now see the New Domain Name Page)

In the Full DNS Name for New Domain box, type the Domain Name, like for example, and click Next (You should now be able to see the NetBIOS Domain Name Page.)

In the Domain NetBIOS Name Box, type in the NetBIOS Name, example: technation. Then click Next again.

In the Database and Log Folders page, click Next

Click Next in the Shared System Volume page (The DNS Servers specified in the computer’s TCP/IP configuration will be verified now)

Select the option “Install and Configure the DNS Server on this Computer” and continue

Accept the default permissions option and click Next

Type an appropriate Restore Mode password, confirm it again and click on Next to Continue

Review the Options you have chosen and click Next to continue

Active Directory
and DNS Services will now be installed in the computer. Once the installation is done, the computer will restart – this time as a Domain Controller.

You can now log in as the Administrator.